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Vivienne Westwood AW16 at Paris Fashion Week was all about the fierce glamour in mythical female icon, a dark modern version of ancient warrior princesses. The bold rush of color accents and gold embellishments were contrasted with messy-chic looks crafted by Wella Professionals Global Creative Director Eugene Souleiman. Continue reading to discover how to recreate the dreamlike glamazon hair looks straight off the runway.






Taking inspiration from the glow of colour from a long-time friend turned Buddhist monk, Andreas Kronthaler’s debut eponymous collection under the re-branded Vivienne Westwood Gold Label radiated a feeling of new beginnings and individual style. Textures were refreshingly clashed against colours and the same went for the hair, which was designed to stand out rather than blend in. Referencing multiple visuals, from religious iconography to National Geographic nature, Eugene created a unique tribe of angelic warriors with beautiful hazes of loose hair that glowed under the lights as they walked the runway.




On the inspiration, Eugene says: “The imperfection of this hairstyle is actually what makes it so beautiful. Everything I saw in the references led me to this feeling of ‘styled by nature’ – it had to look beautiful, but lived-in. Delicate flyaway hairs created a luminescent feel, but when contrasted against the raw lived-in texture it created something really modern – like angelic warriors.”



Starting with freshly blow-dried hair, Eugene applied EIMI Sugar Lift all over, then blasted the hair with a hairdryer while using his fingers to teases it at the roots, adding instant movement and creating that lived-in bed hair texture.




Removing the nozzle from the hairdryer, Eugene applied heat in the opposite direction, manipulating strands of hair into random placements to create a haze effect on the models. For hold, as the heat was applied, EIMI Super Set Hairspray was also sprayed in the same opposite direction – from tip to root – ensuring the ultimate staying power. Eugene describes his creation process: “I created this effect so the girls looked like they were illuminated. I really wanted this textured haze of hair, to make the models look like they were glowing from within under the lights of the runway.”


Watch the video tutorial now to recreate the look:



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