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For Autumn/Winter 2016, Wella Professionals have captured the zeitgeist with Comfort Luxe, a premium beauty concept of handcrafted colour and touchable texture that sees the senses awakened. Discover the TreeHotel, and experience Comfort Luxe now.


An age before the fad chasers were raving about glamping, Swedish natives Kent and Britta had established their fab Treehotel: offering truly unique and exclusive accommodation located in the heart of Swedish Lapland. Treehotel gives guests the chance to relax and renew their energy while surrounded by unspoiled nature, among the treetops: for an eco-friendly housing experience with all the comfort luxe extras.


Treehotel was inspired by the film “The Tree Lover” by Jonas Selberg Augustsen. It’s a tale of three men from the city who want to go back to their roots by building a tree house together. “The Tree Lover” is a philosophical story about the significance of trees for us human beings. Kent and Britta were moved to give Swedish designers free reign to hack the traditional tree house concept – true to form, they came up with some incredible results. A very important part of this was to consider ecological values and make minimal environmental impact – as well as the mandatory functionality and comfort. As Swedish as it gets then. Kent and Britta also own the guesthouse where the restaurant and reception are housed. It’s there you can enjoy your evening meals and breakfast following your night among the trees.




The rooms are suspended 4 –6 meters above ground – all with spectacular views of the Lule River. There are six different tree houses to choose from. Treehotel is open year round with an exciting activity list that ranges from ice fishing and ice dining to photographing the northern lights, indulging in a forest spa experience, simply trekking through the pines, and much more. Guests can experience the colour and charm of all four seasons: regardless of whether speed and adventure or tranquillity and reflection are the goals. Or indeed, you may want to try the ultimate luxury of a little piece of everything.




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