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Singing sensation Elé Tuais brought her exquisite tones to the A/W ’16 Collection film – working alongside crack Basque music producer Piek. Playing piano, guitar, and violin and also being a videographer ensures Elé always has a full creative schedule. We tracked her down to Barcelona, where she was putting the finishing touches to her much-anticipated debut EP.




Hi Elé, firstly, thanks for lending your time and talent to the Wella Professionals Bronde Luxe film. You really captured the essence of the trend and our new collection with your song “Home” – was that a difficult process?


Hi guys, I think music is alive, so once you start composing, you make a creature with its own feelings and that sometimes leads you to places you would never expect. And that’s the most challenging and interesting part of the process. “Home” was a smooth process: I work with a very tight team; we share ideas and inspire each other constantly. The producer is one of my closest friends, Piek, he’s a dream to work with.


What where the main points of inspiration for the lyrics?


The song is inspired by what you see, being at ease, enjoying real comforts, being relaxed, and, of course, the Bronde Luxe colour story. It gave us a world to play with. We wrote the song about a girl coming home, feeling like she was in her own very special light now. Home never changed but her view of that place and her experience had. From the dark to the light!


What is your definition of a day of absolute Comfort Luxe?


Feeling comfortable is about where your heart is warmed. I was born in the countryside but moved to New York, and now I’m based in Barcelona: these places are all special to me. My luxury is to feel at home wherever I may be – surrounded by friends.


About your debut EP: we know there’s already some buzz about it: can you tell us anything – what can we expect?


I like to think that whenever I create something, whether on video or in music, that it comes with absolute authenticity. So expect something that comes from the heart.


Watch the 2016 Autumn/Winter video:



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