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Stockholm’s Nordic Light Hotel is a fabulous world created by hundreds of different sources of light, all varying in colour and intensity. Within the hotel’s Mood Rooms, lighting can be adjusted for colour and intensity to suit one’s individual mood. That’s a whole new level of Comfort Luxe for light and colour lovers.




When you think that in winter, Stockholm sees only around five hours of light per day, there’s no wonder some bright spark came up with an illuminating idea to lift the spirits. Trailblazing hotelier Petter A. Stordalen secured the services of light architect supremo Kai Piippo – to design lighting that aesthetically lifts the moods of guests: creating an aura of experience from the entrance lobby right through to individual Mood Rooms and suites.




The lighting design is inspired by the way Scandinavian light changes throughout the day, as well as the seasons. Outfitted in the neutral Scandinavian palette of greys, whites, and blond woods, the décor is also splashed with red and blue to give the rooms an uplifting edge. Luxurious Light Beds are completely surrounded by light, giving the guest the possibility of changing the ambiance according to their mood. From the stalactite lights hanging from the ceiling, to the ever-changing patterns of blue, orange, and pink splashed onto the walls: the special effects add a remarkably pure, simple, and transparent colour theme to the solid elements of the interior design.


Enlightenment has never been so cosy.




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