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The Vivienne Westwood MAN’s SS17 collection has been inspired by three distinct characters – raw, organic and spontaneous. Wella Professionals Global Creative Director for Care and Styling, Eugene Souleiman, celebrated individualism at Milan Fashion Week by adding layers of contrast with hair and creating perfectly imperfect looks. Eugene personalised the styling for each model to celebrate the beauty of imperfection.






The SS17 MAN collection for Vivienne Westwood shone a spotlight on the detention of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Vivienne Westwood stated, “We are taking part in a global event to celebrate whistle-blowers and freedom, to coincide with the start of Julian Assange’s fifth year of unlawful confinement to London’s Ecuadorian Embassy”. Eugene Souleiman, Wella Professionals Global Creative Director for Care and Styling, echoed the spirit of the show with hair that championed individualism and freedom of expression.


He explained: “I love working with Vivienne Westwood because she’s a real English Eccentric. This show, for me, was about citizens of the world, and the look we’ve created is of people who are transitory, people who travel. The hair is super natural, it looks like it’s been styled by the environment. There’s an organic, elemental look to it. We were going for anti-styling, the idea that it’s ok not to look perfect.”






Organic and spontaneous were the buzzwords, and product was at the heart of every look. Each model’s hair texture was amped up and enhanced, but not changed – the aim was to make them look like individuals who hadn’t tried too hard.


On creating the look, Eugene shared: “For me, it’s cooler if you’re not perfect because it feels like you’re more at one with who you are, rather than completely trying to change yourself. Imperfection is something to be celebrated. There’s no such thing as having the wrong hair type – every hair type is right. Everyone should be themselves and look like themselves.”


Eugene used Sugar Lift on all the models, applying it to dry hair, so as not to dilute its effects. He only used the hair dryer and diffuser to massage the hair at the roots, creating volume. He used his hands to lift the hair at the roots and create texture. The ends were left in their natural state, finished off with a spray of Stay Styled.




Eugene used his hands and product, rather than a comb or a brush. “Get your hands in there and enjoy the hair! Sugar Lift gives the hair grittiness and bite, and I love it because you can layer it on the hair and build up the strength of the product. That’s great because it means that you’re not stuck with what you have once it’s in the hair. It’s much more malleable than that.”


Eugene explained that he didn’t want to create glamorous, flowing hair. This show was about something raw, about celebrating the individual. “That, to me, is real beauty.”




Watch the video tutorial now to recreate the look:



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