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Beauty rituals using hair oils date back thousands of years: knowledge of the nourishing properties and shine benefits are nothing new. Naturally the formulas, extracts, and technologies have been diligently tweaked and improved. What is super-new and right of the now is the introduction of oils before and after coloration: a luxe new Wella service, Oil Infuso Color, looks set to become standard procedure in salons all over the world.




Oil’s innate ability to soften, condition, and protect the hair while providing a hydrating effect is being used to fabulous effect: thanks to Oil Infuso Color services. The first stage of applying luxurious oils from mid-lengths to ends ensures any damage concerns around the actual colour process are kept to an absolute minimum. After colouring, the third stage seals the deal. Just envisage your dream colour – fresh and brilliant, with the added value of extra vibrancy and ongoing protection. That’s a new way of looking at oils and colour; now the two go hand-in-hand – a masterpiece!






Talk about enlightening: Wella’s Oil Reflections line-up has just added a new product that benchmarks another first: introducing its first light oil for instant luminosity without the added weight, Light Luminous Reflective Oil. Infused with camellia oil, this multipurpose wonder oil can be used as a light styling product, hair protector, shine booster, deep leave-in treatment, or pre-shampoo treatment. If you dream of head-turning pearlescent reflections and so much more, then this is the oil for you.




Head to a salon near you to experience the new Oil Infuso Color services, and to discover the new Light Luminous Reflective Oil.