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70’s wavy hair made a comeback this Paris Fashion Week as models hit the runways of Roland Mouret’s AW16 collection show. With uniform loose curls and lengths that hung low and close to the face, Wella Professionals Global Creative Director Eugene Souleiman managed to conjure the simple, nature-inspired spirit of the time, and inject it with a little spookiness. Read on to discover the inspirations, the creation, and the look – and how to reinvent it.






Inspired by the white witches of Salem – a somewhat unexpected reference point for Roland Mouret’s AW16 collection – Eugene took the image of a youthful free-spirit who is at one with nature and injected it with a hint of 70s fashion edge, creating a free-flowing wavy hair look with supernatural texture that took flight on the Paris runway.




Eugene on the loose hair look: “This is more than just a natural look – it’s supernatural. We wanted to make the models look as youthful and fresh as possible – like healthy young women that live outdoorsy rural lives connected to nature, but with a slightly edgy 70s Stevie Nicks vibe. It’s a simple but very effective look that looks great on the diverse range of girls cast at Mouret and totally fits EIMI's image of casual individuality.”






Working on freshly washed hair that was allowed to dry naturally, Eugene began by creating a crisp middle hair parting, then lifted up the front sections, sprayed the underneath with EIMI Stay Essential hairspray and combed the hair forwards, flattening it down at the roots. He repeated this process, all the way around the crown, spraying only at the roots and blending the product through the first few inches of hair but avoiding the mid-lengths and ends. On the technique, Eugene shares, “The most important part of this look is the soft flyaway hairs that float as the girls walk, so we didn’t want to weigh the hair down. It starts off very sleek and softly graphic, but then as you travel down the length of the hair it becomes lighter and naturally builds up momentum and texture.”




To inject the 70’s vibe, Eugene created a soft flick in the front ‘curtains’ of hair by spritzing them with EIMI Perfect Setting blow-dry lotion then folding them back and clipping them just above the ears. Next, to add extra movement and texture, he pulled the lengths into a loose braid and spritzed them with water then blow-dried the hair all over, using a net to squash the hair down on top and create definition along the parting. To complete the look, Eugene removed the clips and the braid and brushed through the hair, using his fingers to muss up individual strands and create a static, flyaway finish.




Watch the video tutorial now to recreate the look:



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