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Lore Langendrie’s production process fuses human, nature, and manufacturing to reveal her own creative mechanism – Hunacturing. A synthetic word, yes, but the results of her process are anything but. The human touch is present in each artefact: a unique fingerprint and certain tactility is instilled within an industrial context.




Based in Hasselt, Belgium, Langendrie’s research interests and work in contemporary jewellery and object design include the interaction between the manual and the mechanical. Striking a balance between accord and differentiation, between the unique and serial object, with a particular focus on the tactile and physical aspects of design, behaviour and qualities of materials, digital technology, and Lore’s own subjective and intuitive role as a creator.


Central to her work is the circle as a pure geometrical form showing the essence and beauty of various materials in their most elementary form. In a playful experimental approach, materials are used as active agents in the design and production process, handling the material as subject and matter, resulting in wearable and unwearable objects, manoeuvring freely in-between disciplines. Langendrie finds comfort indeed in these exquisitely crafted areas.




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