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Inspired by an old Vidal Sassoon photo, Wella Professionals Global Creative Director, Eugene Souleiman, took this 80’s collection and added a touch of 60’s to create these beautiful geometric cuts on short hair. Discover how to recreate these glamorous and modern bob looks with fabulous shine.






Of all the shows in the fashion calendar, it’s Jeremy Scott’s that Eugene has the most fun with. The designer is renowned for his wit and sense of humour. Models walked out to 1980s hit “Out Come The Freaks” by Was (Not Was), setting the tone for a show that popped with playful prints, bright colours and eye-catching accessories.


“It’s always a fun one to do, it’s never serious”, adds Eugene. “People can be a little too serious, but Jeremy puts the character and the freak back into fashion. He addresses pop culture in a very witty way. For this collection, he’s done a lot of prints and some very sexy dresses. It’s camp and fabulous.”






Eugene responded to this “camp and fabulous” creative brief by going with the 80s mood of the collection, and adding a bit of 60s inspiration. He explained: “Haircuts in the 80s were geometric and crazy, but I wanted to create something more beautiful than that. My reference was an old photo I’ve got of a Vidal Sassoon haircut, that’s like a beret. We took that look even further, and cut the hair on the bias, short above the eyebrow, and then longer as it travels around the head.”


Eugene knew that he couldn’t cut the models’ hair in the style he wanted – “I wouldn’t be allowed to!” – so he used wigs, prepping them using EIMI Perfect Setting, blow dry lotion hairspray.


“Perfect Setting gave us the right texture to work with. You get a very luxurious feeling, with lovely shine, lightness and control.” The hair was blown out on a round brush, to give a luxurious, opulent feeling rather than it looking too geometric, hard and sharp.




Eugene then used EIMI Glam Mist. He sprayed a tiny bit of the mist and combed it through, giving some control and just a little bit of shine so that the straightening irons could glide through – which they did, beautifully – as he used them to bend the hair. About the look, Eugene explained: “This short hairstyle was all about the silhouette, the line and the shine. It was cut on the bias, geometric, opulent and fabulous.”


Watch our hair tutorial now to recreate this bob look:



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