What is new about Koleston kit

What is new about Koleston kit

Our secret to bringing back intense color can be yours - Koleston Hair Color Crème now come with a Color Reactivator! Koleston Hair Color Crème gives you long-lasting color intensity with Wella deep-infusion technology and micro-fine pigments that penetrate to the maximum. Magnetic color that always gets noticed. Irresistibly intense. In addition, our Colour Cream Kit comes with an exclusive Day-15 Colour Reactivator that deposit more pigments in your hair for a boost of intensity. Look for it inside every Wellaton intense color system, and use it between colorations so there’s even more color to love.

Each box of Koleston Hair Color Crème, now with a Color Reactivator includes the following components:

• 1 Tube of Colorant

• 1 Developer Bottle with Applicator

• 2 Sachets of Intense Gloss Treatment

• 1 Sachet of Color Reactivator

• 2 Pairs of Gloves

• 1 Instruction Leaflet

How does Koleston Hair Color with Color Reactivator work to give intense color?

On Day 1, Koleston’s crème formula penetrates deep into the interior of the hair, filling it completely with lush pigments to provide deep, rich, long-lasting color. Then on day 15, the Color Reactivator deposits small color molecules to the outer layers of the hair to re-activate your hair color.

Koleston gives you two sachets of Intense Gloss Treatment to lock in your hair color—one sachet to use on Day 1 and another to use on Day 30.

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