How to use Koleston cream

How to use Koleston cream

With Color Reactivator

If you want rich, intense color, Koleston Crème hair color with a Color Reactivator is for you. Your kit contains 1 Tube of Crème Colorant, 1 Developer Bottle with Applicator, 2 Sachets of Intense Gloss Treatment Conditioner, 1 Sachet of Color Reactivator and 2 Pairs of Gloves.


Put on your gloves. Add the tube of colorant to bottle 2, your developer bottle, and replace the applicator lid. Put a gloved finger over the hole and shake well, till the color crème has totally blended. You're ready to color.


If you color every 4-6 weeks, start with your dry hair in 4 sections. You'll apply color first to your roots, section by section. Apply and leave on ¾ of the color to your roots for 30 minutes, then work the remaining color through the rest of your hair in the last 10 minutes. Rinse hair until the water runs clear.

If this is your first time coloring or you haven't colored in three or more months, you can simply skip the root step and work the color through all your hair at once, and leave the color on for 40 minutes.


Rinse hair until the water runs clear. Then, apply 1 sachet of Intense Gloss Treatment to condition, and rinse again. Expert tip: To help your color last, just rinse. Wait 24 hours before shampooing. Save the remaining sachet for use on Day 30.

15 DAYS LATER: For more days of intense color, put on the extra set of gloves and apply the entire sachet of our Day-15 Colour Reactivator to deposit more pigments in your hair for a boost of intensity. So there’s even more color to love. Apply the Color Reactivator to wet hair and distribute evenly. Wait 10 minutes and rinse hair. There’s no need to apply conditioner afterwards.

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