What is Special About Koleston Foam Color

What is Special About Koleston Foam Color

Koleston Foam combines our most pleasurable experience and long-lasting intense color.

It all begins with three shakes. In your hands, the foam rises. Feel the texture. Smooth. Luscious. Sublime. Gently begin to massage it in. Feel it spreading. Let your fingertips do the coloring. And keep massaging. As the foam penetrates deeper and deeper, it saturates each strand for unparalleled coverage root to tip, front to back. Hands down, the most pleasurable coloring experience you’ve ever had. You won’t resist it… neither will others!

Each box of Koleston Color-Intense Foam includes the following components:

• 1 Bottle of Colorant Tint

• 1 Developer Bottle with Foamer

• 2 Sachets of Intense Gloss Treatment

• 1 Pair of Gloves

• 1 Instruction Leaflet

The best part about foam is that it puts the control in your hands. Simply mix the tint and developer—and squeeze the bottle to release the foam. As you massage this easy hair color through your hair with your fingertips, the foam collapses into your hair on contact. The foam formula is drawn through the hair by capillary action, surrounding and coating each individual strand of hair. Its intense color pigments penetrate instantly to the core and lock in color—for the most even, intense color from Koleston.

Koleston Color-Intense Foam also gives you 6X more product volume than the typical crème colorant as it foams up, offering perfect coverage—even for hard-to-reach areas or for covering long hair. Foam goes where you want it to without drips or the mess, covering your hair evenly, so you don’t miss any spots. It’s easier than ever to cover every strand, giving you perfectly intense, long-lasting color.

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