How to use Koleston Foam.

How to use Koleston Foam.

Our most pleasurable way to intense colour.

Applying Koleston Color-Intense foam hair color is simple. Your kit contains a bottle of colorant, developer bottle with foamer cap, 2 sachets of intense gloss treatment and a pair of gloves.


Put on your gloves. Add bottle 1, your pigment-rich colorant, to bottle 2, your developer and shake just three times. The product should look like liquid, and the bottle should NOT be full of foam. Let it rest for 30 seconds. Now, you're ready to color.

You can put petroleum jelly or face moisturizer on your hairline to help keep color from temporarily staining your skin.


Holding the bottle upright, squeeze the middle of the bottle. The foamer cap helps turn the liquid into foam, and dispenses foam into your palm. If it's runny, let the bottle rest 30 seconds till no foam is in the top. Then squeeze a few times onto a paper towel till good quality foam appears.


You can use one hand or both. Gently begin to massage it in. Feel it spreading. Let your fingertips do the coloring. And keep massaging. Work the foam product into your dry hair, paying particular attention to roots and any grey areas. Keep applying product till your hair is completely wet. As the foam penetrates deeper and deeper, it saturates each strand for unparalleled coverage root to tip, front to back.

Clean up any color on your skin with astringent or facial cleanser as soon as it happens. Remember, this is permanent hair color and it will stain if not removed immediately.

If you have short hair, use the bottle to this mark. Long hair? Use the full bottle and clip your hair up once all the color is applied. Then set a timer for 40 minutes or the amount of time indicated by your strand test.


Rinse out the color until water runs clear. Finally, apply the intense gloss treatment. Leave on for 2 minutes and rinse out completely. Save the remaining sachet for use 1 week later.

Then style as usual. And there you have it – perfectly intense, even color that's easy to control.

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