Everyone’s talking about…everyday hair upgrades

Everyone’s talking about…everyday hair upgrades

4 small hair changes that make a big difference

Flip your parting

‘When you style your parting the opposite way to usual it creates more lift and volume for the illusion of thicker, younger looking hair,’ explains celebrity hair stylist and Nice n’ Easy Ambassador Jonathan Long. If you’ve been wearing the same parting for years, this can be tricky, so Jonathan suggests training it to stay in place by blow drying in the opposite direction with a round brush along with a hair spray for added hold.
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Tuck one side

It’s the tiniest tweak, but simply tucking your hair behind one ear is the latest Hollywood trick to effortless glamour. ‘It looks elegant and casual, plus it opens up your face creating a youthful illusion,’ explains Jonathan Long. The key is to use a gel or firm hairspray to keep it in place, then dig out your flashiest earrings to make the neck a fashion focal point.
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Go for an asymmetric haircut

‘The mid length bob is the most wearable cut on every face shape,’ explains Jonathan. But to get the most out of it, go ever so slightly shorter at the back. ‘By having your hair cut on the bias, keeping it longer at the front, it creates a youthful angle to your facial profile. It’s almost invisible to the eye but this small tweak makes a big difference – it takes your cut to a sophisticated level.’

Go one shade brighter

Brave hair colour changes aren’t the only way to make an impact, shifting one shade when you ring in a new season can be just the update you need. ‘People are often afraid to change their colour, but one shade lighter is enough to add some interest and lift your complexion. Making smaller changes more often is the key to having the confidence to experiment,’ explains Jonathan. ‘This is the perfect time of year to go a little bit lighter just around the face line for an anti-ageing beachy effect.’
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