How to make your hair color last

There isn't a way to make your hair color last forever. However, there are some handy tricks to make it last a bit longer! Grab your favorite shade and check out these tips to getting longer-lasting color.

Trick #1

Treat yourself to good shampoo and condition with color-protecting ingredients

tailored to your shade. For example: Koleston Color Concealer Conditioner

Trick #2

Avoid styling products with alcohol listed in the ingredients. It will dry your hair out and strip you of your color faster.

Trick #3

Wash less! The more often you shampoo, the more often you're rinsing out your color. Skip an extra day between washing and use dry shampoo if you start feeling oily.  

Trick #4

One of the biggest causes of fading color is water exposure. You obviously can't stop showering, but you can shower smarter. Avoid standing directly under the showerhead unless you're rinsing, keep the water warm instead of scalding hot, and try a filtered shower head to nix some of the iron & lime in unfiltered water that is harsh on dyes.

Trick #5

Touch up your roots between colorings. Try a product like Root Touch-Up by Koleston. It saves you from an all-over color and only takes ten minutes. 

Trick #6

If you just want to gloss your color and make your rootline look a little more blended, try using a demi-permanent shade like Soft Color in a natural, warm or cool tone.

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