Cover roots and make your color last longer

Are you dealing with roots showing? The good news is that you don’t have to use all-over color to banish roots with Koleston Root Touch Up.

Touching up your roots extends the time between colorings. So, how do make your hair color last longer? Here are some useful rules to help you achieve that!

Rule #1

Select your product by matching the shade to the colored portion of your hair.

Rule #2

Make sure your hair is dry before starting your root touch up application.

Rule #3

Use a brush for a more precise application.

Rule #4

Always touch up your roots with your hair combed into your preferred style.

Rule #5

Apply color to your most visible roots at the hairline around the face, the parting and temples.

Trick #6

Try Root Touch Up 10 by Koleston – it takes just 10 minutes. In the time it takes to read a section of the morning paper and have your coffee, you can cover those roots and get on with your day!


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