Popular hair color myths demystified

When you want to know the truth, get to the source! Clients bring hair color myths to their colorists all the time – and our Wella Koleston and Soft Color experts have heard them all. Now our in-the-know pros are clearing the air with their beauty insider insights, so you’ll never be confused by one of these hair color myths.


Hair color needs a few days to “calm down”


 “When I get a new color, it’s really intense for the first few days. It takes a couple of days for everything to even out up there.”

“With all those chemicals, hair Is very bright in those first 48 hours. But then it fades to where I want it.”


Hair color shouldn’t change in the first two or three days. However, sometimes when using a bright red shade, it will happen if you didn’t rinse thoroughly. Rinsing until the water runs clear will fix that.


Your hair color has to change according to the season of the year


“When it gets to be summertime, you should go lighter because it looks more natural to be kissed by the sun.”

“During the winter months, it’s best to go darker because the lighter color or thicker highlights won’t look natural.”


Making subtle changes is a good thing, but a calendar is too arbitrary. A blonde will look great as a blonde in December just as much as in July. If a color looks good on you, there’s no harm in keeping it year-round. So, if you love it, stick with it! Hair color is all about your personal journey.

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