Afraid of permanent mistakes? Try natural looking color!

Are you the type of person who likes to tiptoe before you plunge? If you’re a salon patron, you have a good reason to wade into at-home color, slowly. That’s why Soft Color might be your new “go-to” solution – it’s one of the most versatile hair color products with gentle, caring formula. And the best news – it isn’t permanent!

Soft Color is a demi-permanent. That means, it can deposit color but doesn’t lighten. It has no ammonia, and it leaves your hair looking healthy and shiny. It contains   natural ingredients: 100 % shea butter, rich coconut oil, and aloe vera, that create the healthiest-looking hue. It can last up to 28 shampoos, so there’s no need for a lifetime commitment. So, who is it best for, and what can it do?

Hair coloring – where to start?

If you’ve been coloring in the salon and now have gray roots, you want to get rid of the gray, but you don’t want to ruin your salon color. Soft Color is a great choice then. It will blend the gray on the root line with a more natural, multidimensional tonesit will give you an optimal harmonious grey coverage. The upside is that the color is not permanent, and you won’t have to worry about what happens when you go back to the salon. Nothing on your salon color will change, as long as you keep the color on your roots when you apply. You might want to leave the color on for an extra 5 minutes to get the best coverage. What Soft Color can’t do is lighten dark roots. That needs permanent color and we have other solutions for that – Koleston Root Touch Up 10 Permanent Creme. Leave it on your roots for 10 minutes and rinse – it will last until your roots grow out.

If you have just a few grays, Soft Color is perfect for you. It has a beautiful range of 29 shades that will enhance your color and blend away the gray. You can choose a shade close to your natural color and not think about your grays for a month or longer. How does that sound?

Can you nourish hair while dyeing?

Soft Color’s caring and respectful for your hair formula gives you glossy locks and less hair breakage. It can be used as a glaze, similar to what clients get in the salon at the end of a service. It’s especially useful to tone down brassiness on blondes and highlights.

It’s great for new users. Someone with natural, uncolored hair who wants to try soft dyeing can chose from flattering shade palette that give multidimensional tones and vibrant shine. Depending upon your natural color, you can change the tone or darken the color. So, for instance, if you’re a light brown or even a darker brown, you can put a reddish shade on and create a beautiful effect on your natural color. Your natural color will come through, but the tone will be different. Are you ready to start now? Enjoy beautiful, healthy and natural-looking hair!

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