Tips for brown-haired girls

Do you have (or want to have) a gorgeous brown hair color? Here you have six smart tips to keep your brunette shade brilliant.

Tip #1

Trim the ends

If you’re transitioning from blonde to brunette, there’s no hiding your split ends. If you are concerned about cutting off too much length, snip off a little at a time more frequently to keep your color looking fresh from root to tip.

Tip #2

Grab a mascara wand

Sometimes brunette shades can look a little flat. To add some depth, select a hair color that is 2 shades darker than your current one, and use a mascara wand to apply the color. This adds subtle dark pieces to hair. Or, if you want to add dimension, try this technique with Koleston Ultra Light Blonde Shade.

Tip #3

Look for “3 salon tones” on the box

Talking about permanent hair color, Koleston neutral toned shades work with your natural highs and lows to give you the most authentic-looking color. To achieve a brunette shade that’s never fake or phony, try staying out of the super intense shades, which most of the times are three or four digits shades (like 4446 Dark Vibrant Red). Another Solution is Soft Color – a demi-permanent that provides multidimensional toning, and the result is also a natural looking hair color.

Tip #4

Keep it natural-looking

If you color often, try coloring just your roots or use your fingers to comb the hair color product through the ends of your hair for the last 5 minutes only. This will enhance the natural tones and highlights in your hair, so your brunette shade always looks natural enough to be your own.

Tip #5

Fill in your brows

Nicely-kept eyebrows frame the face and accentuate your features. Try a brow pencil that is ONE shade lighter than your hair color (too light and your brows disappear, too dark, and unnatural). Note, if you have red tones in your hair, don’t pick a brow pencil with a red undertone. It will wash out your complexion, so stick to a brown pencil.

Tip #6

Conceal your grays

Blondes can mask greys at the roots better than brunettes because greys blend better with their color. If you only have a few greys at the roots, try Koleston Root Touch Up in a brunette shade to manage your regrowth. If your hair is mostly grey, consider going lighter brown or darker blonde to blend better with your greys and give you more time between coloring.

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