TOP 5 tips if you color hair for the first time

Hair coloring is a great way to change up your style. If it is your very first time – don’t worry, we’ve got it covered! Wella Color Experts share the tips you need to know to make your hair color a success — and you might even have a little fun!

TIP #1

Don’t do anything drastic

The color of your hair is possibly the most dramatic change you can make to your appearance. If it’s your first-time coloring at home, go with your current shade, just to add some depth and shine. Too much of a change of hair color can be a bit shocking. Start with a non-permanent shade to maximize your hair condition. Here you can find all you need to know about how coloring works.

TIP #2

Start with a demi

If you are coloring on a whim, try a non-permanent color. This is good for two reasons. First, it washes out faster, so if you don’t like it, it not a long-lasting commitment. Second, the color results you can achieve with a non-permanent are usually closer to naturally occurring shades.

TIP #3

When in doubt, choose a lighter shade

Be careful about going too dark. It’s much easier to “fix” a lighter shade if you are not happy with the result. Most pack colors turn out darker than what you think anyway, so unless you’re certain, choose a shade that looks a bit lighter than you’d like the final result. “Fixing” a darker shade is more complicated and will generally require a salon visit to your hair colorist. For example, lifting color that has been colored black requires massive bleaching, which can do more damage than good and will need to be done by an expert at a salon. Also, it may take several steps to correct color that’s too dark.


TIP #4

Remember – the color looks different on everyone

Love your best friend’s hair color? You can get that color for yourself, but don’t assume you should buy the same shade. How the color develops on one person is entirely different than how it will look on someone else. You have to take into account the condition of the hair, the starting color, and how much other processing has gone on. It’s never the same twice. Also, it’s important to understand that this also means that the color result you get may not match the model’s hair on the pack. Remember to check the starting color/resulting color grid to see the result that will be closer to what you will get based on your starting hair color and to always do a strand test first.

TIP #5

Choose a shade for your skin tone & eye color

Women with more color in their skin can get away with much warmer shades. You want to play to your strengths. Blue and green eyes take cool tones very well. Don’t forget to consider eyebrows, too. You don’t want a sharp contrast between hair color and eyebrows, because that’s a dead giveaway that you’ve chosen the wrong shade.

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