Going black? These pro tips work like magic

How to go black with your hair color? Wella experts know best and give you a couple of useful tips on how to do it right.

Black is a mysterious shade. Magical when done right, frightening if it goes wrong. It’s all about choosing the right shade for your complexion. Follow these pro tips for finding and maintaining your beautiful black shade. 

Fair skin

Although it may look like your favorite fair-skinned celeb is sporting jet-black hair, it’s most likely an illusion. Against lighter skin tones, any dark shade will have a strong contrast. To achieve the raven-haired look, go with a medium brown to darker brown (not black) shade. It will still have the same effect you’re going for, but it won’t wash you out.


Medium skin

For you, we recommend a dark brown, almost-black-but-not-quite shade. Go lighter than you think. Hair color always turns out darker than the box, plus dark hair is more difficult to correct. It’s always easier to add more depth than trying to lighten hair that’s too dark.

Dark skin

You’re one of the few women that can go jet-black. Just remember to pick a multi-dimensional shade, otherwise, your skin tone and hair will look too flat. You want a bit of contrast in your hair color so that your gorgeous features stand out, not vanish. Try Soft Color 20 Black.  

Stay on schedule

Your roots will undoubtedly be more noticeable. Get ready for root touchups every 4 to 6 weeks! It’s just one of the reasons we recommend only going 2 shades darker than your current color!  

Keep it cool

Always wash black hair with cool water and avoid clarifying shampoos that can strip your black hair color and make it look dull.

Blondes naturally look like they have more hair

It’s an illusion! So, if you’re transitioning from a lighter shade, take this into consideration. To give black hair a boost of volume, blow dry from the underside of hair. Instead of flat ironing, use a round brush to make it silky. Next, smooth out your ends with just a few drops of serum. 

Don’t use baby powder

 Use a seamless dry shampoo between washes – Shockwaves have a dry shampoo collection designed to take care of your roots and refresh your hairstyle and helping keep volume. Although blondes and most brunettes can get away with this inexpensive trick of using baby powder in place of dry shampoo, it can leave black hair looking white and powdery. Nothing is enchanting about that!

  Trims are mandatory

Blondes have an easier time hiding their split ends, while dark hair can actually accentuate any damage. When you go darker, you’ll most likely need to trim your ends, too. The idea of black hair is to look smooth and silky from end to end. 

Going from blonde to black?

We don’t recommend it. Shift a shade gradually and work your way up to your color goal. Keep in mind that it takes time to achieve your ideal shade. We know it’s exciting, but we’d rather see you take baby steps to maintain your hair’s health.

Defy time (if you want to)

As we get older, our skin changes color, and black hair can accentuate lines and wrinkles. Go for a chocolate brown shade and fight the 7 signs of aging hair with Koleston. And make your hair look younger!

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